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      07-19-17 The Roadster Factory E-Mail Newsletter


AFTERNOON TEA—Tea, Scones, Tea Sandwiches, Carrot Cake, and Peach Dumplings Will Be Served on Friday Afternoon, July 21st from 3:30 Till 5:30

Dear Folks,

We did not serve Afternoon Tea last week, as we were asked to serve lunch to a group of car enthusiasts participating in a Countryside Tour which was part of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, an annual event held in Pittsburgh which has now become an important part of the social and sporting life of the city.  More than sixty people had lunch at The Coventry Inn, and their cars, MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars, BMWs, and Porsches were parked on North Sixth Street for a few hours last Thursday afternoon.

The format for Friday’s Afternoon Tea will be similar to that of previous teas served this summer.  The menu is simple, sconces with cream and jam, a selection of tea sandwiches on white and whole wheat bread, homemade carrot cake, and homemade peach dumplings made with the first of the famous Chambersburg peaches.  A selection of teas is offered, along with lemonade, iced tea, Pimms Cup, Gin & Tonic, and draught beers.  Costs for these items are modest, just $4.95 for tea and a scone, $7.95 for tea and cake, $7.95 for tea and sandwiches, or $12.95 for tea, scone, sandwiches, and cake.  Our purpose in being open is to keep our license active and to have some fun with Afternoon Tea.  We have been successful in these goals so far, I think, as everyone who has came for tea seemed to have a good time.

It has been our goal to serve tea every other Friday, but various events have kept us from keeping this schedule.  We will not serve tea in two weeks, as the dates conflict with The Roadster Factory’s Annual British Car Show on August 3rd, 4th, and 5th, but we will serve Tea again on August 12th.  Of course, we will send a newsletter when the time comes around again.

I hope you are having a good summer.  I have regretted not being open with the summer produce coming into its best time.  I have been enjoying Yarnick’s sweet corn and local tomatoes, green beans, and more.  I was thrilled to find Chambersburg peaches this week, and we will use them to make peach dumplings to serve with tea on Friday.

Stop in for Afternoon Tea on Friday if you can.  It is really quite enjoyable, and doing it only once in every two or three weeks keeps the idea fresh, and we vary the menu a little too each time.  I would love to meet anyone who would like to be involved in reopening The Coventry Inn this autumn.

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Coventry Inn
July 18, 2017

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