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      02-22-18 The Roadster Factory E-Mail Newsletter


WHAT’S HAPPENING... Although French Weeks are Over We Included Four of the French Entrees This Week As They Were Customer Favourites.  In Addition, We Have Three New Entrees.  Although the Weather is Rainy, We will Have a Fire in Our Fireplace and The Coventry Inn Will be Warm and Cozy.

OPENING HOURS—Doors Open at 4:30 on Fridays, and the Kitchen Is Open Till 10:00 P.M.  Bar Will Stay Open Later As Long as There Are Customers...—Payments Accepted Are Cash or Personal Checks...

FRIDAY EVENING MENU—Appetizers, Soup, Salads, Entree Choices, Desserts, Beers, Wines, Mixed Drinks, New and Classic Cocktails.  The Kitchen Is Open Till 10:00 P.M., and the Bar Will Stay Open as Long as Customers Remain.  Find the Entire Menu with Pricing on the Web Site...

TOBIKO CAVIAR—Tobiko Caviar Will Be Offered Along With Buckwheat Blini, Creme Fraiche, Chopped Onion, and Chopped Egg.  Some Assembly Required, But That Is Part of the Fun, Just $8.95...

TWO DELICIOUS SOUPS THIS WEEK—Potato and Leek Soup—Rich Soup Made of Pureed Potatoes and Leeks with Cream and Chicken Stock, Served Hot and Garnished with Chives, $6.95, and Butternut Squash Soup—Garnished with Creme Fraiche and Crispy Bacon, $6.95

ENTREES—Rabbit Stew, Stew of Marinated Rabbit, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, and Celery, Slowly Simmered in Rich Stock, $17.95—Lamb Shank, Meaty Portion of Lamb from Jamison’s Farm, Served with Candied Sweet Potatoes and Shell Bean Succotash, Lamb Braising Jus, $19.95—Beef Bourguignon, Modern Version of Classic French Stew, Served Over Noodles, $18.95.  Chicken Breast with Red Onion Vinaigrette, a Modern Version of French Classic “Coq au Vin,” Served with Parsley Potatoes and Buttered Peas, $17.95—Choucroute Garni, Served with Boiled Potatoes, $16.95—Mediterranean Seafood Stew, Clams, Mussels, Calamari, Shrimp, Scallops, and Fish with Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery, and Onions Cooked in Seafood Stock, with a Dash of Pernod and a Little Saffron, $19.95—Salmon Filet, Atlantic Salmon Grilled with a Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze, Comes with Fresh Green Beans, and Rice Pilaf, $18.95…

APPETIZERS—Hot Crab Dip with Fresh Crostini, $9.95—Hot Pepper Rings, with Cream Cheese and Fresh Crostini, $4.95—Baked Brie in Pastry with Black Currant Jam and Fresh Crostini, $8.95 or $12.95—“Filet Cheese Steak” Mini Sandwich, $7.95—Coventry Cheese Board, Five European Cheeses, Garnishes, and Fresh Crostini, $9.95 or $14.95—Charles’s Cheese Board, Stilton, Whole Wheat Bickies, Walnuts, Honey Comb, $6.95

DESSERTS THIS WEEK—Homemade Blackberry Pie, Made from Fresh Blackberries, Served with Small-batch Vanilla Ice Cream, 4.95—Homemade Carrot Cake, with Cream Cheese Icing, 4.95—Cheese Course, Four Cheeses Garnished with Fresh Fruit, and Served with Fresh Crostini, $6.95...

DRAUGHT BEERS—Newcastle Brown Ale—Otto’s Ale—Yuengling Lager—Rusty Rail Snow-Flier Porter—Served in 20 oz, English Pints, $5.00—Bottles Also Available...

COCKTAIL SPECIALS—Manhattan—Razzberry Beret (House-Infused Vodka)— Gin Flower—Sidecar Cocktail—Absolution—French 75—Winter Cranberry—Coventry Toddy—Champagne Cocktail—Negroni—All Cocktails Just $5.95

CONTACT TCI—Phone 724-463-0776, Informative Web Site

Hello Everyone...

Our French Weeks were a success from our point of view and, I think, from that of our guests.  Beef Bourguignon was the most popular entree followed by a version of Coq au Vin and a traditional Seafood Stew.  Choucroute Garni was also enjoyed by a smaller group.  If you missed it over the past two weeks, we are continuing all four of the main course dishes, as we had purchased extra ingredients to serve the Valentine rush.  We also have three new dishes this week, a Savoury Rabbit Stew with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery simmered for a long time in wine and stock.  Meaty Braised Lamb Shanks served with candied sweet potatoes and shell-bean succotash.  Also Atlantic Salmon Filet grilled with a brown sugar and mustard glaze and served with fresh green beans and rice pilaf

The Tobiko Caviar was enjoyed last week with buckwheat blinis, creme fraiche, chopped onion, and separate dishes of chopped egg yolk and chopped egg white.  The caviar arrived by FedEx at the last minute last week, and I did not instruct staff on serving it as I should have.  In future, the homemade blini will be a little larger, and the servings of caviar and condiments a little more generous.  This is something I enjoy myself, and now that we have a source for caviar again, we will have it often as long as customers are enjoying it

Right now, all of our appetizers are the ones we have always served.  We add new ones almost every week, and we shall continue to do so, but mostly we sell the hot crab dip, the baked brie, and the cheese boards.  All of these are tried and true at The Coventry Inn, and we concentrate on getting them right.  The crab dip dates back to John Nagy’s time, when I asked him to develop a crab dip like what I had enjoyed at The Ligonier Country Inn.  The cheese boards depend on bi-weekly trips to “Penn Mac” in the Strip District where I purchase from a fantastic selection of international cheeses, and our crostini are homemade from Vie de France Batard loaves, the only bread we serve at Coventry, and we have to drive to Cranberry to buy it by the case.  Cheeseboards are always served on little quatrefoil boards, a shape that is a symbol used throughout The Coventry Inn.  On my last trip to Penn Mac, I purchased a whole case of 4.5 oz. servings of Brie for the individual baked Bries.  Darlene puts them inside puff pastry for baking, and we serve them with black currant jam that I can no longer buy locally.  Do you know anyone who raises black currants?

The Coventry Inn has been struggling back from near extinction less than a year ago when we lost my beloved son Simon and went through staffing problems.  Right now, all I am able to handle is the one day of business on Fridays, but we try to develop a little each week.  I keep the menu simple and delicious, and Darlene works hard to make everything well.  We generally offer just four entrees, but we try to make them very well.  Staff is very small, but we find a new addition every once in a while.  You may count on our best efforts each week to give you a nice evening out in our beautiful restaurant.  Please come as often as you can...

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Coventry Inn
February 21, 2018..

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